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The fun way to map the anchors of the world

Help us record historic anchors and learn about their place in our maritime history

About the Project

Ever since man first took to the sea he has made anchors. First of stone then of metal, the changes in design demonstrates technological progress through the centuries. The distribution of particular types may show old trade routes, or mark the progress of exploration, and all this evidence is just lying around us every day.

Anchor Database

Over 500 anchors have been added to the project database since its creation in 2008. The database allows individual recorders to upload their anchor records, to improve them over time and to view all the other anchors that have been recorded around the world. The project database is linked to a world map so that anchor records can be viewed in geographical context.


Our recording system allows you to record as little or as much as you like. Just add a photograph and a location to achieve a Bronze record, identify features on your anchor for a Silver record or measure your anchors dimensions to obtain a Gold anchor. Our world map of anchors allows you to see where anchors are and how much information about each one has been documented. Find out more about recording anchors.


Get the Big Anchor App

The Big Anchor App is now live on the App stores making it even easier for you to view anchors all over the World and contribute to the project.

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