Basic Info

ID 765
Type Stone Anchor
Short Desc Portland Museum
Author Alison MacDonald, Melaine Taylor & Pete May
Club Nautial Archaeology Society
Date Recorded 2016-11-20

Context Info

Context Portland Museum
Site Name Pirates Cove
Description General view showing size of anchor
Museum / Collection in a museum or collection
Museum / Collection Ref Portland Museum 006


Latitude 50.540200 Longitude -2.430100

Date & Origin

Most probable date (year) na
Date Confidence interval (+/- years) 0
Country of origin
Ship Name
Ship Type
Ship Size (Tonnes) 0

Dimensions of the stone

Length 29
Width 14
Thickness 16
Type of anchor No holes

Groove dimensions and location

Groove location 14
Groove width 2
Groove depth 0.5

Other Information


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