Basic Info

ID 460
Type Stone Anchor
Short Desc Newhaven Museum, Avis Road, Sussex UK
Author Ed Jarzembowski
Date Recorded 0001-01-01

Context Info

Context Newhaven Museum, Avis Road, Sussex UK
Site Name Saltdean, Sussex
Description Saltdean ironstone anchor
Museum / Collection in a museum or collection
Museum / Collection Ref Gillespies Collection, Newhaven Museum


Latitude 50.801900 Longitude 0.054167

Date & Origin

Most probable date (year) na
Date Confidence interval (+/- years)
Country of origin
Ship Name
Ship Type
Ship Size (Tonnes) 0

Dimensions of the stone

Length 59
Width 40
Thickness 5.5
Type of anchor 1 hole

Hole dimensions

Maximum diameter of hole
Minimum diameter of hole
Thickness of anchor at the hole
Position of hole from edge

Hole details A

Hole shape na
Internal shape na

Other Information

Description Laminated sedimentary tabular ironstone with small bivalves, probably Wealden material, with one hole.

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