Basic Info

ID 1108
Type Stone Anchor
Short Desc Shallow water, Crownhill Bay, Plymouth Sound.
Author J. T. C.
Date Recorded 2020-06-18

Context Info

Context Shallow water, Crownhill Bay, Plymouth Sound.
Site Name Crownhill Bay, Plymouth Sound
Description Front face of anchor. Rope wear marks visible around hole. 30cm rule for scale.
Museum / Collection on land, not associated with a museum or wrecked
Museum / Collection Ref


Latitude 50.329600 Longitude -4.120410

Date & Origin

Most probable date (year) na
Date Confidence interval (+/- years) 0
Country of origin
Ship Name
Ship Type
Ship Size (Tonnes) 0

Dimensions of the stone

Length 38
Width 23
Thickness 23
Type of anchor 1 hole

Hole dimensions

Maximum diameter of hole
Minimum diameter of hole
Thickness of anchor at the hole
Position of hole from edge

Hole details A

Hole shape na
Internal shape na

Other Information

Description This 21 kg anchor is made of granite, and has an oval hole 6 cm from one end, which measures 4 cm by 2.5 cm. Around this hole are wear marks from ropes.

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