Basic Info

ID 1090
Type Stocked Anchor
Short Desc Gig Harbor, WA
Country United States
Club Harbor History Museum (Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society)
Date Recorded 2020-03-17

Context Info

Context Gig Harbor, WA
Site Name
Description View of entire anchor in its position in front of the museum
Museum / Collection museum
Museum / Collection Ref Harbor History Museum - 1998.019.002


Latitude 47.337500 Longitude -122.593000

Date & Origin

Most probable date (year) na
Date Confidence interval (+/- years) 0
Country of origin United States
Ship Name
Ship Type
Ship Size (Tonnes) 0

General Information

Anchor function unknown
Anchor type (e.g. Trotman or Porter etc.)
Is the original stock present? no
Is the shank squared in the region of the stock? na
Does the anchor have a ring? yes
Does the anchor have a shackle? yes
How many arms does the anchor have? 2
What type of stock does the anchor have?
Weight of the anchor in kg 0

Anchor Stock

Stock section na
Is the stock faceted? no
Stock shape
Is the stock tapered? no
Is the stock fastened with trunnels? na
Is the stock fastened with nails? na
Is the stock fastened with straps? na
Other type of stock fastner
Orientation of the stock key? perpendicular

Anchor Flukes

Shank's circumference: unknown
What is the shape of the flukes tipped-spade
What is the shape of the crown rounded
Fishbuckle (or a hole in the crown) no

Other Information

Description Anchor was found by Adam Ross while fishing off the shore of Steilacoom. Believed to date before 1915.

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