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You are strongly advised to read the terms below before completing the registration form at the foot of this page.

  1. Security you should be aware that while passwords are held on our database under one-way encryption, they are transferred over the internet under an open protocol, which is subject to interception by third parties. In consequence you should not use an email/password combination on this site that you also use for financial/private transactions, as we are not able to guarantee their security.
  2. Site security
  3. the site automatically obtains visitor's IP addresses and other anonymous data that are used to monitor site performance (statistics). We may also use this information to stop activity that might damage the site, or bring it into disrepute.
  4. Data protection: We may need to communicate with you on occasion to follow up on information you have submitted. Otherwise, we will not pass on your personal details to third parties, or used them in marketing exercises without first obtaining your consent.
  5. Intellectual property: The person submitting information to this database (henceforth referred to as the 'author') must have legal title to the work being submitted.
  6. The author undertakes that any submitted work complies with the guidleines published on this site.
  7. The author submits work so that it can be used in part or whole by any registered user to create derivative works (reports, publications etc.)
  8. All users undertake that in any derivative work they will credit both the project (quoting the site URL and the unique id of the anchor as a publication reference(s)), and the author(s) of the report(s) used.
  9. Ownership of photographs on the site remains with the author of the record, who should be credited in any derivative work. If the author did not take the photographs, the photographer should be both clearly indicated in the description field, and permit the phtograph to be used on this site.
  10. Once set as completed the author comits a submitted work to publication, and may not further edit the information provided.
  11. All submitted work will be refereed, which will introduce a time delay between submission and their being made available to other users.
  12. A preçis of published work may be made available to the general puublic.
  13. Users should be aware that due to the nature of the submission process any individual anchor may be the subject of more than one report on this website, and design their research project accordingly.
  14. The Big Anchor Project reserves the right to withhold publication of any record, edit or withdraw any publication at any time.


This agreement must be checked by the Big Anchor Project before the site is made live. No liability accepted.

Intellectual property may be covered by an appropriate creative commons license, which would ensure a degree of conformity with international law. See creativecommons.org/licenses/.

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